Access To Land

The resolution of the land issue carries with it the promise of healing the wounds of the past. Land has social, spiritual and economic value. It has the potential to be the foundation of the renewed economy our country so critically needs.

The IFP Will champion:

  • The allocation of all unused land that is in the hands of the State, to assist the poor.
  • Allocate specific support for modern agricultural and other developmental initiatives to redress imbalances of the past.
  • Create a training infrastructure by introducing agricultural science at school level, and reopening agricultural training colleges.
  • A high-rise housing approach where land is limited.
  • Administration of communal land will remain in the hands of the people, under the custodianship of traditional leadership, with the provincial governments providing support to traditional leaders and emerging farmers and elevating them to a state of commercial farming.
  • Finalise outstanding land claims and reopen the window for further applications and claims.
  • Land expropriation with compensation.