Human Settlements

The development of an inclusive economy is an absolute priority. This is about human dignity. We need to get our nation working, to alleviate poverty, redress inequality, empower families, and fulfil the rightful aspirations of all our people and future generations.

The IFP Will champion:

  • Establishing Housing Support Centres in communities.
  • Build quality, dignified single and family units.
  • Ensure that profits from housing projects are reinvested in the community.
  • The involvement of young people and women in construction of housing development projects.
  • Ensure contractors produce work of acceptable quality and use materials of approved standards.
  • Punish contractors for poorly built houses.
  • Root out corruption on the housing waiting list.
  • Build integrated community housing developments especially in informal settlements.
  • Improve access to low-cost subsidised housing for people who earn between R3 500 – R15 000 per month.