Safety, Security and Justice – A Crime – Free Society

No society can achieve its full potential while its people live in fear. Development is only possible when individual rights and liberties are secured. Thus safety and security, and access to justice, must be guaranteed. South Africans must feel safe and be safe.

The IFP Will champion:

  • Professionalising the SAPS and reprioritising its budget in areas such as public order and visible policing in order to improve accessibility to the Police.
  • The decentralisation of policing powers from national to provincial and local authorities.
  • The creation of specialised courts and specialised Police units to deal with corruption, sexual and gender-based violence, gangs and drugs
  • Building partnerships with communities to fight crime.
  • Increased minimum sentences with hard labour for prisoners.
  • Bolstering the independence of the judiciary.
  • Opening a national debate on the reinstatement of the death penalty as a means to deter violent crimes.
  • The empowerment and deployment of the SANDF along our borders to curb human trafficking, cross border and illicit trade in weapons and drugs, and wildlife trafficking.
  • The restoration and empowerment of traditional leadership in civil dispute settlements.