National Coordinating Committee Resolutions – April 2001


The National Co-ordinating Committee of the Inkatha Freedom Party met on this 7th day of April, 2001 and unanimously adopted the following:


  1. NOTING the press reports and the debates in the KwaZulu Natal Parliament relating to the use of hotel accommodation in Durban by IFP provincial Ministers;
  2. ACCEPTING the report it has received from those concerned that such hotel accommodation
    1. conforms with applicable administrative rules and practices,
    2. has provided the best value for money under the circumstances, considering the special tariffs which were negotiated, the alternatives and the need to reduce transportation costs, and
    3. was incurred within, and necessitated by the scope of duty;
  3. RECOGNIZING that there is nothing illegal nor technically unbecoming about such hotel accommodation;
  4. BELIEVING that some of the controversy raised about such hotel accommodation:
    1. is motivated by a long-term political campaign aimed at portraying the KwaZulu Natal Government as inefficient, ineffective and corrupt,
    2. betrays the notion that black leaders are less deserving than their predecessors in South Africa or colleagues in other parts of the world,
    3. conveniently takes place at a time when it detracts attention from other allegations of possible serious corruption, and
    4. highlights the sensationalist irresponsibility of certain parts of the press;
  5. RECOGNIZING that, nonetheless, this controversy:
    1. highlights a real problem which must be faced and dealt with head on, with the determination, integrity and highest moral standards which are typical of the IFP,
    2. suggests that possible impropriety may have taken place, and
    3. projects an image which is not consonant with the IFP political ethos and commitment towards the poorest of the poor;
  6. PRAISING Premier LPHM Mtshali for his indication that he will set in place an appropriate structure to look into the issue and reduce future accommodation costs borne by his Government;


The National Coordinating Committee of the Inkatha Freedom Party resolves that:

  1. In a cost-saving effort, all IFP Ministers shall minimize their stay and expenses in hotels and that the Premier shall ensure that the same standard applies to all other members of the provincial Cabinet and senior Government officials.
  2. The Premier has the full support of the IFP in his efforts to find and create alternative forms of accommodation in Durban for Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials which may provide them with the necessary work facilities, decorum and security while reducing costs.