National Coordinating Committee Resolutions – April 2003


The National Coordinating Committee of the Inkatha Freedom Party met in Ulundi on this 12th day of April 2003 and unanimously adopted the following:


The National Coordinating Committee:

  1. Noting the resolution adopted by the KwaZulu Natal Parliament on April 10, 2003 in which the Premier is requested to arrange meetings between the IFP and the ANC political leaderships to discuss the composition of his Cabinet and to report within 48 hours;.
  2. Noting that such resolution purports to dictate to the Premier how he should deal with matters relating to the composition of his Cabinet, which matters are his exclusive constitutional prerogative in respect of which Parliament may not dictate, and that, therefore, the purpose of such resolution was out of order and impermissible;
  3. Endorsing the statement made by the Premier that KwaZulu Natal needs a stable government based on a common vision of like-minded leaders and that a government of the willing is preferable to a forced coalition of the unwilling held together by political blackmail;
  4. Espousing the notion that a broad-based provincial government is in the interest of good governance and stability in KwaZulu Natal;
  5. Confirming that the partnership and friendship between the IFP and the DA is a cornerstone for the good governance of KwaZulu Natal and the preservation of multiparty democracy and pluralism in South Africa;
  6. Rejecting the attempts made to isolate Premier Mtshali from the IFP by portraying him as intransigent, when in fact he speaks on mandates of the IFP governing bodies and has the full support of his party;

Resolves that Premier Mtshali –

  1. has the full baking and support of the IFP
  2. is requested to exercise his constitutional discretion to ensure that the interest of KwaZulu Natal is served and placed above party political interests by securing a stable and well functional and functioning government for the province.
  3. is requested to ensure that anyone serving in his Cabinet is equally committed to his government program and serves the interests of the people of KwaZulu Natal.
  4. has the authority of this National Coordinating Committee to take whatever action is necessary and advisable under the circumstances to ensure that the will of the people is respected, the Premiership of KwaZulu Natal is not usurped, and multiparty democracy promoted not only in KwaZulu Natal but in the whole of South Africa.