National Coordinating Committee Resolutions – January 2000




RESOLUTION 1: The National Co-ordinating Committee

  1. notes with concern that some elements in the ANC leadership have once again taken advantage of the goodwill and
    constructive co-operation with which the IFP has approached its relationship with the ANC to pursue tactics aimed
    exclusively at confusing IFP members and supporters;
  2. deplores the proposal made by the ANC Chairperson in KwaZulu Natal that IFP and ANC members may hold dual
    membership of the two parties, noting that such proposal was never canvassed with the IFP and not even tabled in the
    many bilateral meetings where IFP-ANC relationships are constantly being discussed and monitored;
  3. indicates that as was the case for the previously voiced idea of an IFP-ANC merger, which was also never discussed with the IFP prior to its announcement, this proposal too has the only purpose of confusing and weakening the IFP’s support base and to pursue public relations objectives;
  4. re-states that the IFP has its own distinct and necessary role in the unfolding of our country’s history and present
    day politics, which is a role of principled leadership based on a long-term vision;
  5. stresses that the IFP’s policies and perspectives remain distinct and different from those of the ANC, even though
    the two parties share common goals and objectives, and that therefore dual membership is a contradictory notion; and
  6. pledges to maintain strong leadership of the IFP, mindful that although the IFP is co-operating at national level and
    is in a coalition government in KwaZulu Natal, that fact does not detract from the fact that the IFP has better
    policies, leadership and a historical role to perform which will never justify it being swallowed or assimilated by the

RESOLUTION 2: The National Co-ordinating Committee

  1. ratifies the relationship established between the IFP and Mr Albert S Mokoena, who is now contributing his expertise and skills in improving the administration and management of the Party;
  2. notes that Mr Mokoena’s contribution to the IFP is of a technical and professional nature, not a political exercise. He is not a member of the Party, nor does he hold any political office, and therefore the matter should not be turned into a political issue, as certain quarters have tried to do;
  3. expresses its full confidence in Mr Mokoena and in his professional and managerial skills; and
  4. urges all the Party’s structures and officials to co-operate with and assist Mr Mokoena, so that the value of his contribution to the Party can be maximised.