Extended National Council Resolution – 29 March 2014

IFP Extended National Council
Resolutions on Nkandla and Bheki Cele

Pinetown: Saturday 29 March 2014

An extended IFP National Council of the IFP, having met in Pinetown on Saturday 29 March 2014, unanimously resolved to adopt the following resolutions –

1. Nkandla

Noting the Public Protector’s 443-page report on Nkandla – which is a great roadmap showing the extent to which government officials, those around the President, and the President himself have tried to hide their misdeeds; and

Noting the report further vindicates all those who were fired for questioning the amounts spent as the original costs rose. It also vindicates the many media institutions who tried to blow the whistle from 2009 on these so-called “security upgrades”.

The Extended National Council resolved –

  1. To unequivocally pledge support for the Public Protector’s report
  2. To highlight the fact that while there may be clear grounds for impeachment, this is not likely to happen through a
  3. Parliamentary process
  4. To commend the excellent work done by the Public Protector
  5. To condemn threats that have been made against the Public Protector
  6. To continue to call for immediate action to be taken on the Report

2. Bheki Cele

Noting the blasphemous statements made by Mr Bheki Cele and Siboniso Duma MPL during a recent visit to the Mangosuthu University of Technology.

The Extended National Council resolved –

  1. To strongly denounce the utterances made by the disgraced, dismissed and discredited former Commissioner of Police
  2. Bheki Cele and Mr Duma MPL
  3. To further denounce these statements as pure pre-election propaganda
  4. To call on the leaders of the ANC in the province to stop deploying cheap electioneering tactics
  5. To denounce in the interest of peaceful elections, such deplorable behaviour