National Council Resolution – 24 November 2000



The National Council of the IFP met in Ulundi on November 24, 2000 and adopted the following Resolution:

  1. We are extremely concerned that matters flowing from the clash of powers and functions of traditional authorities and municipalities have not been resolved before the local government elections in spite of promises and assurances that such conflict would be eliminated and the powers of traditional authorities protected and restored.
  2. We are concerned that after eleven months of negotiations between traditional leaders and government, elections are now being held without any amendment having been made to the constitution and the relevant legislation to resolve the clash of powers and functions of all municipalities and traditional leaders, in spite of there being general agreement on the need for a constitutional amendment to avoid the establishment of municipalities from obliterating the powers and functions of traditional authorities.
  3. We are concerned that the establishment of a new local government system based only on elected municipalities will marginalise the contribution that amaKhosi can and must make towards local governance and will give rise to a protracted conflict undermining rural development.
  4. We are concerned that in many government circles the myth is being perpetrated that traditional leadership hinders progress and development while, in fact, it is essential for the future of our country that development be driven by a local government model which stems from our traditions and way of life.
  5. We endorse and support the proposal put forward by the Coalition of Traditional Leaders for constitutional and legislative amendments which define and propose a truly African and truly modern system of local government which combines elements of western representative democracy with African direct democracy, leading to an osmosis of traditions within a framework of development and effective delivery of services to the rural poor.
  6. We support the continuing struggle of amaKhosi to protect the powers, role and functions of ubukhosi throughout South Africa which is fundamental to the progress, prosperity, peace and stability of the diverse nations of our country.
  7. We lament the Government’s cavalier treatment of traditional leaders which does not give credence or substance to the notion of an African Renaissance and seems to deny the possibility that our country may indeed take strength from all its various cultures, traditions and ways of life to maximise its potential for growth and development.
  8. We recognise that the struggle of traditional leaders must be led and directed by themselves without prescription and to this end, therefore pledge our support for any action or positions entertained by the Coalition of Traditional Leaders to bring this important part of our struggle for liberation forward.