National Council Resolution – 29 April 2000



The IFP has a vision for the ongoing reconstruction and development of the Republic of South Africa which is radically different from the reality being presently experienced by the citizens of Zimbabwe.

While understanding and appreciating the need for highly sophisticated diplomatic interaction in this regard, the IFP nevertheless believes that at the same time South Africans deserve clear and unambiguous political messages and statements of intent.

The National Council of the IFP therefore reaffirms its fundamental principles and policies with regard to the social and economic development of the country and land distribution in particular.

The IFP resolves to pursue economic growth at all costs and to develop an economy which is liberalised and outside government control.

The IFP is further committed to resolving the land issue in such a manner that redistribution is effected efficiently and constructively and the iniquities of the 1913 Land Act and colonisation are addressed.

As an example the IFP in the Government of KwaZulu Natal has already identified huge tracts of land held by the State, especially the SANDF, large institutions and others which are at present under-utilised.

We believe this land could be re-allocated and used for productive farming by empowering victims of apartheid and colonisation.


The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party warns that the hugely complex and politically manipulated issues involved in the local government demarcation process contain seeds of imminent instability and ungovernability.

We therefore:

(1) call on the President of the Republic to intervene and take heed of the counsel of traditional leaders from throughout the country who have tabled their concerns on numerous occasions;

(2) urge that the matter be entirely reconsidered before tensions escalate with foreseeable consequences.