National Council Resolution – 9 to 10 July 2011


Durban Manor, Durban: 9 – 10 July 2011

The IFP National Council met in Durban on 9 and 10 July 2011 and unanimously adopted the following resolution:

Noting that the debate on nationalisation is continuing to dominate our political discourse, and that this debate has gone unchallenged by the ruling party leaders, and further noting that this policy now finds itself in the resolutions of the ANCYL and has received backing from Cosatu –

The IFP National Council has resolved:

to place on record that there is no place in our national discourse for a debate on nationalisation – a debate which closed decades ago in other parts of the world;

to express the IFP’s disappointment with the lack of leadership from the ruling party on this matter, especially since our economic vision cannot withstand the uncertainty this debate is stirring, just as our economy will not withstand this failed socialist policy;

to call on the senior leaders of the ANC to make their positions clear on this matter;

to applaud the IFP President for taking a strong stance against nationalisation in Parliament and through the media;

to reject nationalisation as a disastrous policy for South Africa, one which has the real potential to derail our fragile democracy and cause irreparable harm to our economy;

to unequivocally stand against nationalisation and to call for this debate to be forthwith.