National Council Resolutions – 08 Mar 2003


The IFP National Council on the 8th and 9th March 2003 resolved that:


The IFP is desirous of a stable international system in which countries co-operate in pursuing the betterment of mankind. It is deeply conscious of the dangers and horrors of war and of states that threaten world peace.

Therefore, the IFP would support all initiatives that would promote a peaceful resolution of the Iraqi crisis.

This crisis in Iraq requires that the Iraqi regime fully co-operates with the United Nations Security Council resolutions and that it complies without reservation and in good faith.

By the same token, we believe unilateral action and unilateral military action in particular, to be unacceptable in all circumstances. We request of the US that it channels its very considerable pressure through the vehicle of the UN. We believe multilateral pressure can and will bring about the desired outcome – an Iraq that is no longer in possession of weapons of mass-destruction and of the means to produce them.

The IFP recognises the right of the UN to ensure that there are no rogue states that threaten the security of the world community.