National Council Resolutions – 11 Mar 2001



The National Council of the IFP met in Ulundi on March 11, 2001 and has further debated the issue of effective delivery of services at local government level by elected Party representatives and acknowledged and resolved the following:

  1. elected IFP councillors are required to uphold the policy and principles of the Party at all times with honesty and integrity;
  2. all councillors have been specifically placed in positions of trust and authority by the Party according to clearly defined and democratically agreed processes;
  3. it is with considerable disappointment that we recognise that certain councillors have wilfully defied Party edicts with regard to their positions and responsibilities in local government and state that such behaviour will not be tolerated;
  4. as performance and adherence to instructions are being monitored by Party leadership, it is clear that some of our colleagues, by their own actions, must now face the constitutionally mandated disciplinary processes of the Party and furthermore;
  5. leadership recommends that the actions of such persons not be countenanced and the strongest possible action be taken in an effort to ensure that our public representatives can be trusted by all concerned and that there is recognition that they are not only accountable to the Party but to all the people of South Africa.


The National Council of the IFP has noted the content of a recent article in the Financial Mail relating to the immigration policy of the Government.

This report, if true, further raises fundamental issues with regard to collective Cabinet responsibility and relations between Ministers as policy makers and their Directors-General.

The article clearly suggests a crisis in relation to the Presidency, the Minister of Home Affairs and the Director-General of Home Affairs.

This Council believes the matter requires urgent resolution by the President of the Republic in order to secure the continued constructive viability of the coalition Government.