National Council Resolutions – 13 Jan 2002


The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party met on this thirteenth day of January 2002 in Ulundi, and unanimously adopted the following resolutions:


The IFP National Council –

  1. noted with concern the racialist attitude that media reports have attributed to IFP MP Basil Douglas and National Council member Margaret Arnold relating to the election of Mr. Barry Dunn as the IFP Gauteng provincial Chairman, purportedly calling for a boycott of such election by IFP members of Indian or Coloured extraction;
  2. restates that any type of racialism has no space in a party led by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi who, as early as 1976, began bringing together people and leaders of goodwill across ethnic and cultural divides and is totally committed to non-racialism;
  3. reject any fuelling of politics by racial connotations; and
  4. calls for an internal investigation to ascertain the relevant facts so as to assess the need to commence disciplinary action against those concerned.


The National Council was made aware of the malicious and libellous exhibition in the KwaMuhle Museum in Durban where statements which falsely link the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) with uAmasinyora, criminals, politicised crime, annihilations, burning of houses, looting and terrorising K section.

The linking of IFP as supporters of Amasinyora is totally devoid of truth, is a distortion of historical facts and cheap political propaganda.

This National Council requests the curator to immediately remove this offensive propagandist piece of writing which is not in the interests of peace and reconciliation.