National Council Resolutions – 29 Jun 2002



At a meeting of the National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party held in Ulundi on Saturday, June 29, 2002, it was unanimously resolved:

  1. that the leadership of the Party intends to immediately communicate to all IFP structures its decision to democratically retain the premiership of KwaZulu Natal in accordance with the electoral mandate of the voters of this Province;
  2. that we condemn the outright fraud, trickery and betrayal at the core of this so-called “floor crossing” crisis which has been deliberately and expediently manipulated for party-political advantage and with the ultimate aim of achieving a one-party state in South Africa;
  3. that we applaud fellow citizens and democrats who have loudly condemned this despicable behaviour and who have seen through the weasel words attempting to place a smoke screen around the real reasons for rushing through the legislation allowing for unprincipled elected representatives of political parties to betray voters and defect to other parties;
  4. that we fully support the formal re-evaluation of the country’s electoral system currently being undertaken by Dr F van Zyl Slabbert which has obviously been compromised by the rushed decision to allow persons to “cross the floor” at this time to suit the political objectives of the ANC and its allies and the personal power-hungry ambitions of some of their leaders;
  5. that we fully concur with the recent opinion of the Independent Electoral Commission and others that it is a cardinal principle of the PR system that elected members vacate their seats when they resign from their party or lose their party membership and that they cannot leave parties with more or less seats than they received in an election and thus defy and hold in contempt the will of voters and in so doing negate and substitute the will of voters both individually and collectively;
  6. that with regard to the defection of Mr MA Tarr and Mr MM Mackenzie, we record for posterity our sorrow and despair that their often expressed personal Christian principles as men of honour and commitment to this Council and our Party could have been so much dross as their actions have hurt and betrayed us all as they knew they would;
  7. that this issue has, in fact, national and international implications and is most certainly critical to NEPAD and Africa in general in that the efforts as we have seen and are experiencing to destabilise and destroy opposition leadership in South Africa, will not be applauded by world leaders whose support this continent needs;
  8. that the IFP intends to urgently brief all foreign representatives serving in this country on its views on this matter to report to their respective governments;
  9. that we will now fight once again for morality in politics and announce our intention to do battle for democracy in our land and to continue to press the ANC and its allies to deliver on its string of signed and broken promises to us on a range of issues which we have reiterated time and again and about which we will never forget or capitulate;
  10. that we will always place the needs of the electorate first and pledge to the people of the Province of KwaZulu Natal in particular and South Africa in general that all our actions will be those of patriots determined to fight for decency and multi-party democracy.


The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party has observed the relentless, ruthless and power-hungry antics of ANC leader Mr S’bu Ndebele in his efforts to become Premier of KwaZulu Natal without the support of the electorate in the Province.

We therefore resolve:

  1. that should the situation eventuate that Mr Ndebele does indeed succeed in reaching his much cherished dream through means which we know to be undemocratic, the IFP will neither pledge loyalty to him nor serve under any circumstances or through any persuasion in a Cabinet he may constitute;
  2. that in addition we will vigilantly pursue and employ all democratic means to ensure that the party and persons in whom voters placed their trust in 1994 and in 1999 are returned to power and the wishes of the electorate fully respected.


The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party in accordance with the Constitution of the Party records and resolves that Mr MA Tarr and Mr MM Mackenzie have been expelled from the Party as a result of their action to join the African National Congress.