National Council Resolutions – 3 Nov 2001


The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party met on this third day of November 2001 in Ulundi, and unanimously adopted the following resolution:


National Council deplores that good governance, democracy and accountability in Government are being undermined by the failure to deal appropriately and decisively with the reported defiance, insubordination and contempt which Home Affairs Director-General Billy Masetlha has shown towards his Minister and his duties of office, extensive details of which have been tabled in the National Assembly.

We therefore urge the Public Service Commission, which is investigating the Director-General of Home Affairs’ issue, to fulfil its constitutional mandate of operating with impartiality and without fear and prejudice, proving that not all institutions of government are under the control of the same echelon of political interest and that the constitution will not be undermined in this respect.

The IFP finds it intolerable and highly problematic that its President has been placed in such an untenable position of having to run a department during a critical stage of legislative and administrative transformation with a Director-General bound and determined to undermine the Minister’s policies, leadership, credibility and visionary approach.