National Council Resolutions – 5 May 2001



The National Council of the Inkatha Freedom Party met on this 5th day of May 2001 in Ulundi and unanimously adopted the following:

Whereas, after about two years of negotiations and in spite of the many promises made, the issue of the clash of powers and functions of municipalities with those of traditional authorities still remain unresolved;

Whereas, the coming into operation of municipalities will obliterate the powers and functions which traditional authorities must exercise to promote the development of their communities;

Whereas, on April 20, amaKhosi of the Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal and IFP councillors held a meeting in which they acknowledged the impossible conditions in which they are expected to perform their functions in an untenable situation which impairs delivery, creates tensions and delays development;

Whereas, on April 20, IFP councillors resolved that unless the issue of traditional leadership is resolved, it will be impossible to carry out the function of councils operating in traditional areas and that, therefore, unless the matter is satisfactorily resolved by May 20, 2001, all KwaZulu Natal municipalities in areas of amaKhosi will have no alternative but to stop all their activities;

Now therefore the National Council

  1. Endorses and supports the April 20, 2001 resolution of the IFP municipal councillors and calls for its implementation;
  2. Calls upon the Minister of Local and Provincial Government FS Mufamadi to take heed of the dramatic nature of the situation which can no longer tolerate the ambivalence and unwillingness to solve the problem which has thus far characterized his actions.
  3. Urges the President to live up to the promises he made in his May 16 letter of last year and finally provide the bold leadership which is required to solve a crisis with the potential of setting back the gains of our fledgling democracy.