30 January 2011 – Resolutions

An affiliate of the INKATHA FREEDOM PARTY


The National Executive Committee of SADESMO duly met on 29-30 January

2011 in Durban to discuss the following:

  • The ongoing crisis in the registration process;
  • The shortage of space in Institutions of Higher Learning;
  • The role of SADESMO in the upcoming 2011 Local Government Elections campaign of the Inkatha Freedom Party;
  • The birth of the National Freedom Party, which seeks to hijack SADESMO from the IFP.

(1) Noting there is an ongoing national crisis with the registration process in Institutions of Higher of Learning:

The NEC resolves:

  1. Urges all Institutions of Higher of Learning to avail space for all potential students;
  2. Condemns all acts of violence which are supposedly aimed at resolving this crisis;
  3. Pleads with the minister of Higher Education to step up efforts of sorting out this national crisis;
  4. Calls upon the police and SAQA to clamp down on all fly-by-night institutions;
  5. Cautions all learners and students against haphazardly registering at fly-by-night institutions; 6. Insists that the meeting between the DHET and student formations that has been postponed on two occasions be convened urgently.

(2) The role of SADESMO in the 2011 LGE’s Campaign of the IFP:

The NEC resolves:

  1. Commits itself to work tirelessly towards a decisive IFP victory in the upcoming local government elections;
  2. Assures all South Africans that the IFP remains the only viable alternative to the fast failing ANC;
  3. Encourages all young people to take an active part in all IFP campaigns;
  4. Welcomes the proposal by IFP that a minimum of 40% of all IFP representation in candidates will the Youth.

(3) The Birth of the NFP aka “The Friends of VZ”:

The NEC resolves:

  1. Warmly welcomes the January 17, 2011 judgement of Judge Patel;
  2. Condemns all attempts by NFP to hijack SADESMO from the IFP;
  3. Affirms that SADESMO, in terms of its constitution and statutes, is an affiliate of the IFP Youth Brigade. Clause 30.4 unambiguously states; ‘The Movement shall be an IFPYB affiliate and shall further the aims and objectives of the IFP within Educational institutions, and shall promote and implement the IFP’s Education Policy at all levels.’;
  4. Does not recognise the NFP as a threat to the IFP, it is merely a party formed out of desperation, anger and calculated opportunism;
  5. Calls upon all members of the IFP and SADESMO not to join the NFP;
  6. Will embark on a mission to re-recruit all members who have joined the farce of a party, the NFP back into the IFP;
  7. Affirms to take disciplinary action against all those whose actions have brought the name of the Movement into disrepute.

(4) Noting the ill health of former President Mandela:

The NEC resolves:

  1. To wish Madiba a speedy recovery;
  2. Condemns the vulture like behaviour of the media in the manner in which this matter has been handled IFP Leadership debate.

(5) The IFP leadership debate:

The NEC resolves:

  1. To re-affirm its decision of 21 February 2010 that: we have arrived at the solid conclusion that the IFP, for its own good, needs now, more than ever before the leadership of PRINCE DR. INKOSI MANGOSUTHU BUTHELEZI. To this end we propose that Shenge should continue leading the IFP. We are aware that Prince Mangosuthu has indicated that he will consult with family before arriving at a decision on this matter, we hope he will arrive at decision favourable to our pronouncements.

Mr Xolani Ngwezi, SADESMO Secretary-General on 076 975 5555 or
Mkhuleko Hlengwa, National Spokesperson on 083 871 2711.