National Manifesto Highlights

10 Highlights of Our 13 Point Plan

The IFP will reBuild the economy by ending loadshedding through a mixed diversified energy system.

The IFP will put South Africans first by reserving job opportunities and the small enterprise market for South Africans while enforcing a set 80/20 employment target for South Africans in all companies.

The IFP will improve the healthcare system, put the elderly and vulnerable children first, by increasing the old age and child support grant, while also expanding the food voucher system for indigent households.

The IFP will put poor urban and rural communities first and will partner with and support Traditional Leaders.

The IFP will continue to advocate for the protection and support of the Ingonyama Trust, as a model of ensuring that everyone has access to land.

The IFP will put South Africans first by prioritising safety, including ending South Africa’s illegal migration crisis, which is a national security threat and a severe strain on the fiscus.

The IFP will roll-out free basic education, while reforming NSFAS so that it delivers on its mandate of empowering the youth.

The IFP will roll-out an Unemployed Graduate Grant of R3000, for a fixed period, to assist graduates to find meaningful employment.

The IFP will redirect some of the billions spent on SETAs, to ensure that all graduates are given a 12-month internship at municipalities, provincial and national departments. Private sector internships will be encouraged.

The IFP will curb data costs. Data costs remain anti-poor.

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