ANC Youth League Fails at Attempt to Rewrite History

Feb 14, 2024 | Press Releases

The IFP Youth Brigade is neither shocked nor surprised by the latest foolish and misguided propagandist utterances of the new ANC Youth League President.

This so-called youth league formation, has proven once more that they lack the very basics: a proper education, common sense, and a basic understanding of history.

Mr Malatji misconstruing of history points to one thing: that he is nothing more than a desperate, out of touch youth leader, blowing hot air to try and score cheap political points.

Not only did he fail to rewrite history in yesterday’s SONA debate, but he also failed at an attempt to make himself relevant, at the expense of the IFP.

Mr Malatji rose to the podium yesterday to tell us that he, who was born a year before apartheid ended, has got the authority to speak on our painful past: the black-on-black violence of the 80s that claimed the lives of so many of our loved ones.

It is unfortunate that Mr Malatji forgets that it is his Party, the corrupt and failing African National Congress that unleashed an armed struggle and a People’s War on the IFP.

Many of our party’s supporters’ leaders lost their lives which has been well-documented in Dr Anthea Jeffrey’s People War. He should try reading this book to educate himself.

Moreover, in an affidavit before court, which the late IFP Founder Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi submitted before his passing, he pointed out that the vilification campaign against him by the ANC, ultimately pitted supporters of the ANC and IFP against each other.

Inkatha became the target of the ANC’s People’s War. More than 20 000 people were killed, many of whom were IFP supporters. Such attacks involved the necklacing, rape and hacking to death of innocent civilians and IFP supporters.

The systematic assassination of more than 400 Inkatha leaders were largely ignored.

This propaganda narrative therefore is nothing new and is normally the ANC’s go to when they have nothing to offer to counter the IFP’s growth, proposals, and example of ethical and moral leadership.

When youth leaders take the stage, regardless of their political affiliation, we expect them to address the dire issues affecting young people.

The ANC has failed to provide solutions to deal with the crisis of unemployment, illegal immigration, and the financial exclusion of young people from educational institutions to name but a few issues.

Surprisingly, this so-called leader of the Youth League, greeted the man that killed mine workers at Marikana. He greeted leaders of his own organisation that ordered the killing of Zulu people at Shell House. He greeted ANC leaders that serve in cabinet and therefore preside over the murder of 58 people in South Africa every day.

IFP will always remain true its roots: a party that represents the interests of all South Africans while preserving the legacy of His Excellency the Prince of KwaPhindangene.

A rich legacy we are proud of.

We remind Malatji that when Prince Buthelezi passed, his own organisation praised Shenge’s legacy.

Branding uMntwana as a man of peace, a patriot, a democrat, a freedom fighter, a pillar, a builder, statesman and much more.

Malatji’s obtuse comments today underscores once more that the IFP Youth Brigade remains the only hope for the young people of this country.

Sanele Zondo, MP
Chairperson of the IFP Youth Brigade National
082 659 9870

Cllr Mlungisi Mabaso
Secretary of the IFP Youth Brigade National
073 598 8785

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