IFP: Stop Destroying Zulu Monarch’s Credibility

Jul 6, 2023 | Press Releases

With the re-emergence of Prince Africa in His Majesty’s Office – after previously being fired for his questionable and crude behaviour – he now presents the biggest threat to the unity and stability of the AmaZulu Nation.

It is clear that Prince Africa only has one objective: destroying the credibility of the Office of His Majesty the King, and dragging it into the political arena, where it does not belong.

Prince Africa’s conduct is not only unbecoming, but an absolute disgrace for someone tasked with upholding the decorum, dignity, and image of His Majesty’s Office in the public domain.

However, his conduct is hardly surprising.

To many, Prince Africa is known for his personal struggles and unethical behaviour, and he is now using his role as his Majesty’s PA to profile himself and execute the work of those who pay him.

His latest obtuse tirade therefore cannot go unanswered.

In a recent interview with Gagasi FM, Prince Africa claimed that Prince Buthelezi is causing instability in the Royal Family, saying he is compromised because he is also the IFP’s Founder.

Firstly, if it wasn’t for Prince Buthelezi, King MisuZulu kaZwelithini would not have ascended to the throne.

Prince Buthelezi has almost singlehandedly ensured the unity, prosperity, and stability of the AmaZulu Nation.

That is a fact.

The personal sacrifices of Prince Buthelezi ensured the smooth transition from the late Monarch to the current Monarch. He often stood alone and was maligned and insulted for ensuring that Zulu customs and traditions are upheld.

Where was Prince Africa then?

Where was Prince Africa when Prince Buthelezi stood alone alongside His Majesty King MisuZulu, supporting him, guiding him, and ensuring that all arrangements were made to recognise him as the legitimate heir to the throne?

This, while some family members were conspicuous in their absence and some even going as far as lodging Court appeals against His Majesty.

Where was Prince Africa then?

Where was Prince Africa when Prince Buthelezi almost sacrificed the IFP’s political future by threatening to stay away from the elections in 1994, wanting to secure the recognition of the Monarch and the institution of Traditional Leadership.

Where was Prince Africa then?

Prince Africa has done nothing to advance the prosperity of the Zulu Nation and has now emerged as a hired gun to destabilise the AmaZulu Nation and attack his enemy – Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

He claims that Ms Liezl van der Merwe is the Prince’s PA and an IFP MP, and therefore statements purportedly issued from the Royal Family are, in fact, IFP statements because she issues them.

Ms Liezl van der Merwe is Prince Buthelezi Media Officer and Spokesperson – a role she has fulfilled voluntarily – and diligently – for over a decade.

Prince Buthelezi has never been ashamed to say that he utilises the skills of his staff, as the Office of the Traditional Prime Minister comes with no resources.

Further, Prince Buthelezi has never issued any statements in his capacity as Traditional Prime Minister that were tainted by IFP views.

Prince Buthelezi has taken great care to separate his role as political and traditional leader, over many decades.

Prince Africa’s assertion is absolute nonsense and therefore cannot stand up to scrutiny, as there is no evidence to back his claims.

Also, what does Prince Africa want? Must Prince Buthelezi hand-deliver his statements or email them himself? Prince Buthelezi has never received a single cent to execute his duties as Traditional Prime Minister.

He further alleges that the IFP is working to dethrone the King, but then contradicts himself by saying the IFP is using the Monarch to ensure victory for the IFP, and to advance the IFP’s agenda.

How can the IFP seek to dethrone the Monarch, yet at the same time use the Monarch for an IFP victory and to promote its own agenda? How do you destroy something and use it to your benefit at the same time?

This baseless allegation displays an absolute lack of rational, intelligent reasoning and thinking on Prince Africa’s part.

Prince Africa further states that the IFP is peddling lies that His Majesty is unfit to rule, and that we want to render him unfit to rule.

We challenge Prince Africa to present such evidence. If not, the IFP will consider legal steps against him for such slanderous statements.

What we do know, is that the IFP continues to fight for the Monarch.

The IFP supports the King’s programmes. We have fought for VIP protection for His Majesty, and for additional funding through the Legislature. We are the only party that respects, supports and recognises Amakhosi, while the ANC have sought to destroy the institution of Traditional Leadership.

We call on Prince Africa to desist from his attacks on the Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Monarch and Nation, and the IFP at large.

Prince Africa’s lies will expose him.

His character will, without a doubt, sabotage the credibility of the Monarch.

Prince Africa will be found wanting, for he is a compromised individual, driven only by his hate for Prince Buthelezi.

Hon. Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539

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