IFP Youth Brigade in KZN Condemns Abuse and Mistreatment of Its Provincial Chairperson and Premier Candidate by SAPS and Metro Police in Durban

Apr 12, 2024 | Press Releases

The IFP Youth Brigade in KZN expresses deep concern and condemnation regarding the recent incidents involving the mistreatment of the KZN IFP Provincial Chairperson and Premier Candidate, Honourable Cllr Thami Ntuli, by law enforcement agencies in Durban. These actions are viewed as attempts to hinder the IFP’s successful campaign efforts in the province.

In recent days, there have been various attempts to obstruct the IFP’s campaigning activities, particularly in areas under ANC-led municipalities. On Tuesday, the 10th of April 2024, the IFP was denied access to a public area for campaigning in Kokstad by the ANC-led Greater Kokstad Municipality, citing frivolous gathering regulations as justification for their actions.

Subsequently, the IFP had to redirect its campaign efforts to Harding under the Umuziwabantu Municipality, where thousands of supporters gathered to hear from the Premier Candidate and Provincial Chairperson.

These incidents indicate a concerning trend of using bureaucratic measures to impede the democratic process and limit the IFP’s ability to engage with voters. It is disappointing to witness such tactics being employed, reminiscent of past undemocratic practices.

Furthermore, the IFP is deeply troubled by the events that transpired following an interview with Gagasi FM on the evening of the 10th of April 2024. While on his way home after the interview, the Premier Candidate’s convoy was forcibly stopped on the N2 highway by a large contingent of heavily armed SAPS and Durban Metro Police officers.

While having an interview on a 18:00 to 19:00 Current Affairs show at Gagasi FM last evening, a Police SAPS van was noticed driving around the vicinity in Cornubia Mall where Gagasi FM is located, where the Premier candidate’s convoy and vehicles were parked. When the Premier candidate was done with his interview at 19:05, just as his convoy joined the N2 towards the North, heading home, his convoy was blocked and forced to stop by more than 15 heavily armed SAPS and Durban Metro Police members in a very dark and busy N2 highway towards the Sibaya Drive at about 19:20 at night.

The Premier Candidate’s bodyguards were disarmed of their weapons, exposing the Premier candidate to danger. Weapons were checked and found to be legal and compliant, and all Premier Candidate’s vehicles and bags were publicly searched. Nothing suspicious or illegal was found.

Upon finding nothing illegal, the members questioned the usage of the blue lights by the Premier candidate, who, by his right as the King Cetshwayo District Mayor, has all the right and access to blue lights on his vehicle. The members then forced the Premier candidate’s convoy and bodyguards to drive to Verulam Police Station for further questioning. This forced the Premier Candidate to drive alone at night unescorted in a private car, further exposing him to danger.

It is important to state that upon this planned attack of the Premier candidate by the SAPS and Durban Metro Police, nothing was found against the Premier Candidate except that his life was put at high risk.

The IFPYB in KZN highly criticizes the usage of state resources and public resources to fight political battles and to try and threaten, sabotage, and endanger the life of its Premier Candidate Cllr Thami Ntuli. The Premier Candidate shall not be deterred nor discouraged by this failed attempt of trying to threaten him and find any fault in him. In fact, such incidents fuel him up more to work hard in campaigning for the IFP to take over the KZN Province and fix the huge damage that is being created by the ruling party the ANC.

The Premier Candidate is not surprised by such dirty tactics because even the IFP Founder and President Emeritus Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi was many times vilified and many attempts made on his life for standing for the truth and what was right, therefore, such incidents will never stop our Premier Candidate for standing and advocating for what is right, the liberation of the KZN people from the bondage of poverty, crime, unemployment, and selfish ANC government.

Video credit: IFP Youth Bridage

Video credit: IFP Youth Bridage

Mr Mncedisi Maphisa
KZN IFP Youth Brigade Chairperson
076 045 8005

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