Multi-party Charter Grows and Looks Forward to 2024

Dec 14, 2023 | Press Releases

Joint Media Statement by the DA, IFP, FF Plus, ActionSA, ACDP, ISANCO, UIM and SNP

As 2023 draws to a close, the Multi-Party Charter looks back on 2023 as a historic year for South Africa. And we look forward to working together in 2024, and with all sectors of civil society, to put this beautiful country back onto a trajectory of progress and prosperity for all. It is time for us South Africans to realise and act on the knowledge that we are better together. The Multi-Party Charter is therefore delighted to welcome two new parties to our group.

The Ekhethu People’s Party is a good fit, being broadly aligned with the Charter’s core governing principles. The EPP is based in Gauteng, and will be contesting nationally in 2024. We are confident that the EPP will win many votes from former ANC voters who have become disillusioned with the ANC.

The United Christian Democratic Party is also a most welcome addition to our group, being equally committed to our core principles. The UCDP was founded in 1977 by Lucas Mangope and is most active in North West Province, where we are confident they will be able to win may votes from disgruntled former ANC voters.

The formation of the Multi-Party Charter in 2023 has profoundly altered South Africa’s political landscape, producing a new centre of power that can offer voters an alternative government in 2024 with a credible pathway to power – a government based on winning principles. These principles bind us as parties to the Charter agreement. We call on South Africans to join us in uniting around these core principles, no matter our great diversity. They are a commitment to:

  • The South African Constitution, the rule of law, and equality before the law;
  • Decentralising power to the lowest effective level of government;
  • Accountable, transparent government with zero tolerance for corruption;
  • Capable government that spends public money efficiently to deliver quality services to all;
  • Caring government that puts people first and prioritises the poor;
  • An open market economy;
  • Policies guided by evidence that they produce positive results for society; and
  • Redress our unjust past by promoting non-racialism and unity in our diversity.

Only a government based on these principles will be able to ensure a growing economy, energy security, law and order, a sustainable social safety net, and quality education, healthcare and basic services for all. Ahead of the 2024 general election, the Multi-Party Charter For South Africa will be working hard to unite South Africans behind these principles, so that together we can bring the change our nation so urgently needs.

We wish everyone a safe and happy festive season that will usher in a year of enormous opportunity for our country. We look forward to working with you to turn that opportunity into real change that improves the lives of everyone living in this beloved country.

Media enquiries:
DA: Charity McCord, Media Officer to the DA Federal Leader 078 126 2765
IFP: Megan Dick, Office of the IFP President 082 432 1335
FF Plus: Heloise Denner MP, Spokesperson for the FF Plus 072 997 8315
ActionSA: Sam Mgobozi, Communications Director for ActionSA 078 231 5977
ACDP: Joshua Meshoe, Communications Director for ACDP 060 543 7352
ISANCO: Nceba Matomane, Media Officer for ISANCO 0614726507
UIM: Virginia Young, Media Liaison for UIM 064 283 6781
SNP: Winston Coetzee, Deputy President for SNP 082 228 3523

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