Human Settlements


Every South African deserves a safe place to live, raise their family, and pursue their aspirations. It is unthinkable that thirty years into democracy, millions of South Africans still live in shacks and informal settlements, with no sanitation, electricity or water. The dream of social justice has been delayed, and many have lost faith entirely in the Government’s ability to deliver. The IFP will deliver and prioritise dignified homes for all.


  • Subsidise housing for citizens who cannot afford homes.
  • Implement a Rent-to-Own scheme by developing low-cost housing programmes with the private sector, with an ownership provision.
  • Ensure the development of social and affordable housing options and opportunities in partnership with the private sector.
  • Identify parcels of State land for development by provincial governments and municipalities.
  • Roll out serviced sites for self-homebuilding, available to community forums and stokvels.
  • Promote turnkey rural housing development. Development in rural communities will be prioritised.
  • Ensure that the qualifying income for fully subsidised houses will be changed from R0 – R3 500 per month, to R0 – R5 500 per month.
  • Introduce a Housing Benefit Programme for those earning above the subsidy threshold.
  • Eradicate the apartheid-style development in hostels and integrate existing hostels into communities.
  • Ensure that provinces and municipalities take responsibility for developing informal settlements.
  • Link local economic development initiatives, such as training in construction skills to the building of subsidised housing units and empower small businesses in the construction sector and other building-related fields.
  • Make use of Alternative Building Technologies (ABTs) that are safe and sustainable and reduce the time in which human settlements are built.
  • Implement a student accommodation programme to develop student accommodation by making funds available in the form of a grant of up to 30% for private developers.
  • Subsidise first-time homeowners by assisting with the application process and by reducing transfer costs on a new bond.