Illegal Foreigners


The IFP believes that the failure of the State to manage migration has led to a national crisis. The IFP’s position is that, while fairness is necessary, illegal migrants are lawbreakers who pose a threat to the safety and security of the State, while placing a heavy strain on South Africa’s resources.


  • Immediately deploy the SANDF to ports of entry and borders and fortify our borders through the construction of border walls, to strengthen border control and ensure the
    integrity of our borders.
  • Invest in state-of-the-art border control technology, including drone technology, while resourcing border management to prevent illegal migration, human trafficking, drug smuggling, terrorism and other cross border criminal activities.
  • Invest in a stand-alone, capacitated National Immigration Inspectorate.
  • Impose stricter controls at ports of entry. Asylum seeker processing and housing centres must be set up at ports of entry where asylum seekers must await the outcome of their applications.
  • Ensure effective deportation and administration of the deportation system.
  • Ban the operation of businesses found to be employing illegal migrants, for a stipulated time-period. Fines have not proven to be a deterrent.
  • Ensure more involvement from all spheres of government: municipalities and provinces must assist in identifying, processing, and deporting illegal migrants.
  • Ensure that harsh sentences are imposed on any Home Affairs’ official caught selling South African documents. Both the sale and purchase of illegal documents will be deemed a crime against the State.
  • Revamp the Department of Home Affairs into a modernised, fit for purpose department, by investing in infrastructure and technology.
  • Ensure that all visa, refugee and asylum applications, and the tracking thereof, is moved online.
  • Implement a permit review process: all foreign nationals in possession of South African permits should have these revalidated within a six-month period. If permit holders fail to do so, the permit will be cancelled with immediate effect. This will serve to root-out those permits which have been illegally obtained.
  • Implement a six-month amnesty period: the amnesty period will allow those who are in South Africa illegally, to either exit the country or apply for legal status.
  • Pilot legislation to impose restrictions on the number of foreign nationals employed by any business.
  • Ensure that critical skills visas are issued within a four-week turnaround period.