The collapse of our rail network and the severe overburdening of our road network are crippling South Africa’s economy and costing both lives and livelihoods. The impact of the government’s failure to maintain and develop South Africa’s transport system is so great that a phased approach is required, which prioritises vital networks for immediate resuscitation. Through good governance, the IFP will incrementally bring key infrastructure and economic support mechanisms back online.


  • Fast-track the transformation of the transport industry to enhance efficiency by establishing public-private partnerships.
  • Streamline regulations to simplify the regulatory frameworks to attract foreign investment and encourage competition, avoiding the creation of monopolies within the sector.
  • Upgrade passenger transport services for urban commuters and rural communities, ensuring accessibility and safety.
  • Improve public transport infrastructure by ensuring that road, rail and port infrastructure is well-maintained and capable of supporting economic and social activities.
  • Upgrade freight transportation by revitalising rail and road freight to support economic growth, with a focus on efficiency and security.
  • Expand civil aviation by opening-up the civil aviation market to private operators and adopting an open skies policy to boost domestic and international connectivity.
  • Develop maritime transportation networks and promote the maritime industry through public-private partnerships and incentives, aiming to enhance tourism and trade.
  • Promote public and alternative modes of transport such as the expansion of integrated bus rapid transit systems.
  • Enhance road safety through the implementation of stringent safety measures.
  • Focus on security by increasing security measures for commercial road users to prevent hijackings and ensure the safety of goods and passengers.
  • Foster small operator growth by providing opportunities for smaller entrepreneurs in the transport sector, particularly in the taxi and bus services.
  • Invest in public education for road users to enhance awareness and education on road safety through schools, media, and public campaigns.